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Peppers ghost illusion

Suggested Age: 12

Challenging (6)

Pepper’s Ghost is a special effects technique for creating transparent ghostly images. It works by reflecting the image of a ghost off of a sheet o...

Walking on eggs science 1

Suggested Age: 6

Simple (3)

Did you know you can walk on eggs without having them crack? Here's a fun experiment that kids love and (shouldn't) be too messy :)


Suggested Age: 8

Mildly Challenging (5)

Oobleck is a very simple material (made of cornstarch and water) that displays very interesting properties. It is a liquid at rest but if you inter...

Potato battery

Suggested Age: 10

Mildly Challenging (5)

You can power a lightbulb with with just a few household items and a potato. The chemical reaction between the juices in the potato, zinc nails, an...

Frozen bubble

Suggested Age: 6

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create a bubble in freezing temperatures and watch it freeze in to a miniature crystal ball and then shatter!

Balloon rockets

Suggested Age: 4

Simple (3)

Create balloon rockets that race across the room using just string, some tape and a balloon. Have races, cause collisions, etc. Lots of fun!


Suggested Age: 2

Simple (2)

Building blocks made of sponges (cheap to make, create different shapes and colors, easy to stack and 'cling' to each other, won't hurt when they f...


Suggested Age: 13

Very Challenging (9)

Create a pole-mounted pulley system created by the ancient greeks capable of lifting huge weights (multiple tons).


Suggested Age: 14

Challenging (7)

Create a working radio using simple materials. It's called a foxhole radio because soldiers used to build them in World War II using spare parts.

Laundry basket run

Suggested Age: 1

Very Simple (1)

Take your laundry basket, throw your kid in, and race down the hall. Hours of fun (or at least a few minutes) while you're doing laundry.