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Suggested Age: 5

Simple (3)

Simple experiment that can also be a fun challenge. Basically fill a bottle with water and tape another bottle on top, then try to figure out ho...


Suggested Age: 5

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create an upside down tomato planter using materials you can find around the house. Also a space saving way to grow tomatoes.


Suggested Age: 10

Mildly Challenging (4)

Using just a cd or dvd and a balloon you can create a hovercraft! The website provides great instructions and more information about the science in...

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Suggested Age: 12

Mildly Challenging (4)

A simple way to demonstrate the chemical reaction that occurs when you add vinegar to baking soda.

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Suggested Age: 7

Mildly Challenging (4)

You need a laser pointer for this one, but it's a cool experiment to see light bend along the path of a stream of water.

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Suggested Age: 9

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create a periscope (fun and practical) from cardboard and a few mirrors. Does require some math to figure out the angles for the mirrors and some g...

Frozen bubble

Suggested Age: 6

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create a bubble in freezing temperatures and watch it freeze in to a miniature crystal ball and then shatter!


Suggested Age: 4

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create a fun, wiggling, drawing robot with a few cheap components. Interesting to build with older kids and fun to play around with with younger kids.

Really big bubble maker

Suggested Age: 5

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create giant bubbles using household materials. It takes a little bit or work to make your own bubble solution, but you could probably just buy...


Suggested Age: 11

Mildly Challenging (4)

This project takes a little while to do (a week or so), but there's some cool science involved and a fun effect is created. You can read more ab...