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Suggested Age: 12

Mildly Challenging (4)

A simple way to demonstrate the chemical reaction that occurs when you add vinegar to baking soda.

Frozen bubble

Suggested Age: 6

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create a bubble in freezing temperatures and watch it freeze in to a miniature crystal ball and then shatter!

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Suggested Age: 7

Mildly Challenging (4)

You need a laser pointer for this one, but it's a cool experiment to see light bend along the path of a stream of water.


Suggested Age: 15

Very Challenging (8)

Ok, even though this is a super simple fm transmitter (as far as fm transmitter's go), this is still a complicated project. It's not for the fei...


Suggested Age: 13

Very Challenging (9)

Create a pole-mounted pulley system created by the ancient greeks capable of lifting huge weights (multiple tons).

Tree paint project

Suggested Age: 3

Simple (3)

Simple project using fingers and hands to create a nice little fall tree.

Peppers ghost illusion

Suggested Age: 12

Challenging (6)

Pepper’s Ghost is a special effects technique for creating transparent ghostly images. It works by reflecting the image of a ghost off of a sheet o...

Screen shot 2014 03 06 at 10.44.14 am

Suggested Age: 5

Simple (3)

More of an experiment than a project, but kind of neat to see that the color of a candle affects the speed at which it burns. Here's a time-laps...


Very Simple (1)


Suggested Age: 14

Challenging (7)

Create a working radio using simple materials. It's called a foxhole radio because soldiers used to build them in World War II using spare parts.