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Suggested Age: 12

Very Simple (1)

This experiment requires adult supervision. The fumes that are produced are not healthy, so be careful. Heating up a grape that has been cut in ...


Suggested Age: 10

Very Simple (1)

Shoot the cap of a water bottle 20 feet in the air and watch the after effect from the water vapor inside the bottle.

M35 ss sugarrocket opener

Suggested Age: 11

Mildly Challenging (5)

You can buy rockets from most hobby stores, but it's more fun and interesting to build your own. You can do so using relatively easy-to-find materi...


Suggested Age: 4

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create a fun, wiggling, drawing robot with a few cheap components. Interesting to build with older kids and fun to play around with with younger kids.

Fun card trick 6

Suggested Age: 8

Very Simple (1)

Here's a fun trick that opens up a lot of fun questions. Basically you cut up a playing card (say the four of spades) in a manner that allows you t...

Lift an ice cube games photo 420 ff0106ttna01

Suggested Age: 6

Very Simple (1)

A very simple and fun science experiment. Take a piece of string and use it to lift up an ice cube. Fun to challenge older kids with as well :)

Bubble snakes

Suggested Age: 5

Simple (3)

Create long twisting bubble snakes using materials that you have laying around the house. For extra fun add in some food coloring and watch the ...


Suggested Age: 2

Very Simple (1)

Take some cushions, mix in a table and some blankets and presto! Instant fort.

Marshmallow structure

Suggested Age: 7

Simple (3)

Might be hard to avoid eating too many marshmallows, but assuming you have have the willpower, this looks like a fun way to build some cool structu...


Suggested Age: 9

Very Simple (1)

You can make water bend using just a comb and your hair. A very fun experiment that's very easy to do. Here's a video of the experiment in actio...