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Suggested Age: 15

Very Challenging (8)

Ok, even though this is a super simple fm transmitter (as far as fm transmitter's go), this is still a complicated project. It's not for the fei...

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Suggested Age: 6

Simple (2)

Make an air inflated fort with box fan, fitted bed sheet, and pillows.


Suggested Age: 11

Mildly Challenging (4)

This project takes a little while to do (a week or so), but there's some cool science involved and a fun effect is created. You can read more ab...

Matchbox guitar 5

Suggested Age: 9

Simple (3)

You can create a little guitar using just a matchbox and a few rubber bands. The link goes to a more complicated version, but you can create sim...


Suggested Age: 12

Mildly Challenging (5)

The laws of physics make it possible to create a self-filling water bowl. As your pet drinks from the bowl it automatically fills up. Not too ha...

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Suggested Age: 2

Very Simple (1)

We've found that our kids, as young as 2, can handle small knives and help with the cooking. It's great to give them practice and get them involved...


Suggested Age: 8

Mildly Challenging (5)

Fun experiment where you create a tower of liquids that have different densities, creating a visual tower. You can also add in objects that have di...

Diy chalkboard 5

Suggested Age: 10

Simple (3)

You can actually create a decent chalkboard using just construction paper and glue. Maybe not the most exciting project in the world, but kind of c...


Suggested Age: 10

Very Simple (1)

Create a howling noise using a tin can and a bit of string. Fun way to play around with sound, friction, vibrations, etc. and an easy project that ...

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Suggested Age: 13

Very Challenging (8)

Use Arduino components to create a Crittergram Capture Cam that only takes pictures when critters move in front of it.