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String telephone

Suggested Age: 3

Simple (2)

You may have done this when you were a kid. Create a simple telephone from plastic cups and some string. Great for exploring how sound travels.

M35 ss sugarrocket opener

Suggested Age: 11

Mildly Challenging (5)

You can buy rockets from most hobby stores, but it's more fun and interesting to build your own. You can do so using relatively easy-to-find materi...


Suggested Age: 2

Very Simple (1)

Take some cushions, mix in a table and some blankets and presto! Instant fort.

Dyed flowers

Suggested Age: 4

Mildly Challenging (4)

Create colorful flowers using food coloring! This simple and visually stunning science experiment explores the transfer of water through a plant...

Floating rice bottles 3

Suggested Age: 7

Simple (2)

Pick up a water bottle filled with rice using a pencil. It's a simple science experiment with surprising results that demonstrate friction and dens...


Suggested Age: 9

Simple (3)

Watch the crazy expansion that soap goes through when put in the microwave. Actually a very easy experiment with minimal mess. All you need is a...


Suggested Age: 10

Very Simple (1)

Shoot the cap of a water bottle 20 feet in the air and watch the after effect from the water vapor inside the bottle.


Suggested Age: 8

Mildly Challenging (5)

Oobleck is a very simple material (made of cornstarch and water) that displays very interesting properties. It is a liquid at rest but if you inter...

Potato battery

Suggested Age: 10

Mildly Challenging (5)

You can power a lightbulb with with just a few household items and a potato. The chemical reaction between the juices in the potato, zinc nails, an...


Suggested Age: 2

Simple (2)

Building blocks made of sponges (cheap to make, create different shapes and colors, easy to stack and 'cling' to each other, won't hurt when they f...