Create A Hovercraft

Using just a cd or dvd and a balloon you can create a hovercraft! The website provides great instructions and more information about the science involved. Very cool.

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  • Mildly Challenging (4)
  • 10+ years old
  • Rough Cost: $10


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Me outside

This was a good project. It was relatively easy to do. We used the pop top off of a dishwasher soap bottle. It was a little challenging to get it glued to the cd, though, without any leaks, but we were able to do it. Unfortunately the result was a little anti-climatic. Maybe it was because the surface we were on wasn't that smooth or the balloon was too small, but the hovercraft just didn't move all that much. It did move, but just wasn't all that exciting...


I'd recommend this project.

It cost about $0

It took us about 1 hour

Youngest child was 10 years old

This project was mildly challenging (4)



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